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Welcome to the 10th Southeast Enzyme Conference

Atlanta, GA – April 13, 2019

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Patrick A. Frantom 

University of Alabama

Program Chair


Keynote Presentation



Keynote presenter: Dr. Zachary Wood

Associate Professor

American Cancer Society Research Scholar

Georgia Cancer Coalition Scholar

University of Georgia


“How nature harnesses entropy to tune protein function”


The Southeast Enzyme Conference (SEC), a one-day annual event, will take place Saturday, April 13, 2019, at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. The meeting provides opportunities for discussions and networking and strongly encourages the participation of students and postdoctoral associates.


To view photos from the 9th Annual SEC, click here.

On-Site Organizers

Giovanni Gadda, Archana Iyer, Will Lovett, Will Thacker, Christine Thomas and Nick Fomin