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We are no longer accepting registrations for the 12th SEC




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For all Registered Poster Presenters:

• Use a single page pdf or single-slide PPT

• Choose a landscape orientation

• Choose 16:9 aspect ratio

• As much as possible, include more visuals and images

• We recommend that you keep text to a minimum (< 600 words); use as large a font as is

practical, but not less than 6 pt.

The dimensions of the printed posters should be approximately 30” Tall x 40” Wide or 40” Tall x 30” Wide.




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Registration Rates:

Undergraduate Student: Free (registration required)

Graduate Student: $50

Postdoctoral Associate: $70

 Academic/Non-Academic Professional/ Research Scientist: $100



Registration Deadlines:

All registrations are closed



(If you have any questions regarding registration/payment, please email southeastenzconf@gmail.com)

All registered participants will receive a copy of the program booklet by email